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Thursday, 01 November 2012 00:41
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Peoples life experience in Retos environment, are reflected in the testimonies we are pleased to share with you.

Beneficiaries and Family Testimonials

"In the present letter I give testimony that RETOS is an institution that gives care to adults with different disabilities, my brother Jesus Apolo García Silva, with cerebral palsy and language problems, has been beneficiary for the last 3 years and has improved his behavior and achieved better social abilities, he has also learned how to be more self-sufficient like dressing himself. He is also receiving language therapy and physical therapy to improve his motility. He attends very happy to RETOS, having lots of friends with whom he can share hobbies, recreation activities and visits to Museums, amusement parks, movies and theater."
Cecilia del Refugio García Silva

"In the present letter, I introduce myself as the mother of a 25 year old man with mental disability, my son made his elementary and middle school in a regular program, this was recommended for his social integration, and fortunately he learned to read and wright. But after this period, I had a difficult moment thinking what could come for him, so we tried technical school with no luck. So I started seeking a place where my son could continue with an active life, I found many Institutions for children, but for adults I found very little places (you can count them with less than the fingers of one hand). So I found RETOS ABP, and since the first day I visited the Institution looking for information, I found a very good environment, the social worker was very kind and from the beneficiaries I perceived tranquility and love, all this helped me decide faster in making an election. Today I have the satisfaction that during the day my son has activities like: handcrafts, school assignments, sports and recreation, that keep him socially integrated, but mostly that he receives special love and every day I pick him up I find him very happy. RETOS is a place with very good intentions of helping adults with disabilities and are always trying to do their best. Thank you for your attention and thank you for all the help you can give to this Institution, this will be reflected in the life of my son and the rest of the beneficiaries."
Mrs. Aida Araceli Cervantes Patiño

With this words I extend my gratitude to INSTITUTO RETOS ABP, were my brother José Medardo González Benitez is one of the beneficiaries. About to turn 9 years in this institution, I have to recognize all the benefits my brother has received, and can be resumed in dignity and love, with no discrimination for his type of disability, in an environment full of fun and respect. This treatment has improved my brother´s social abilities, with better experiences in his daily life, he values his health and wakes up every morning with the illusion to go to RETOS and learn something new.
I just have to say Thank you!
Ana María González Benítez

"Two years ago, my son arrived to Instituto RETOS with 3 other friends and the acceptance for their entry with the social worker and the rest of the personnel were very good. My son and I are very happy with the treatment and human quality he receives. They take them out for sport and recreational activities, that sometimes for lack of time and work we cannot do as a family. In RETOS they treat them like if they were at home, they feed them at lunch time, so I only take him home for dinner and make by best effort to spend time with him, the time God permits me."
Thank you for everything.
Mrs. Norma Alanís Zumaya
(Mother of Luis Javier Reyna Alanís)

My name is Yuvisela Sterling Rojas and I have an uncle named Gerardo Rojas Guadalupe diagnosed with schizophrenia and is treated with medications, however, before he arrived to RETOS, he was very aggressive and had no desire to live. He left home and walked miles and miles, when he came back his feet were blistered, he was very sad, with no shoes, sometimes beaten unjustly, because he could not express his feelings, always saying nonsense caused by his problem and nerves. He continues with his medications however the difference is that when he entered RETOS, he became a person full of life, feeling useful by helping others, he is now very sociable, well-behaved, always wanting to help. I can almost say that he has no disability with the help of this institution. Now he is fully integrated into society, I thank God because RETOS exists, my grandparents died and my uncle is now with my mom and me, RETOS helped us a lot with him, he is a new person coexisting with persons that have similar problems, in this institution they help him to continue with his life, sharing with others that have different disabilities, they give them therapy, they take them to visit different places, teach them skills that they can do with their skills, give them love and understand their needs to make them happy, and especially that despite all the problems that they go through to realize the meaning of life. I thank God for the people who support this institution economically and socially because thanks to this, they can support these people who need a lot of help from them.
Yuvisela Sterling Rojas

Testimonials Social Service

What Retos has been for me?
"As a social service experience, this one has struck me the most. I never had the good fortune to coexist with "disabled people", just to call them someway. At the beginning of this service they explained me the different deficiencies that young people and adults in RETOS have, some of them are motor disabilities, others come from birth, or others by accident. It's a shock to arrive and see so many people that from the first day, say they love you and treat you better than normal people, that´s when you realize that people are sick of body but not of soul. In RETOS you learn to coexist with everyone, and not make the differences that are commonly defined by society, here we are all equal, we all have weaknesses, some more than others, but that doesn´t matter. In RETOS we are a big family with no established roles, sometimes you behave like children, sometimes like nagging parents, the important thing is that everyone cares for each other. This Social Service widens your perspective of life, making you appreciate what you have, because life can change in a second, or you don´t know if tomorrow someone of your family can have a disability."
Elvira Coello Palacios.
Servicio Social Comunitario
Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey

“Para mi Retos como mi servicio social, fue una experiencia muy buena y muy difícil. Batallaba para saber qué es lo que los chicos necesitaban, que cuidados necesitaba cada quién y cómo comprenderles a algunos. Pero fueron más las ganancias que obtuve. Cada día se vivía una experiencia diferente, una anécdota simpática y un disfrute diferente. Los chicos me saludaban con entusiasmo y las servidoras siempre me recibieron con los brazos abiertos y con una sonrisa. No sentía que fuera trabajo ni que era algo obligatorio. Y por más que me costaba llegar entre clases, se me olvidaban mis pendientes y mis asignaturas porque disfrutaba mucho de tiempo aquí con ellos. Aprendí mucho de ellos, los chicos, porque me enseñaron que aunque son diferentes y batallan en ciertas cosas…son iguales. Tienen sus personalidades, sus virtudes y sus faltas. Son personas inteligentes, capaces y amorosas. Estoy muy agradecida por la experiencia y espero volver”.
Marilú Vázquez Vázquez
Tecnológico de Monterrey /Licenciatura en Animación y Arte Digital

The significance of RETOS:
"For me, Carlos Javier Hasbun, the opportunity to help in RETOS has been very significant, I had the chance to meet and know extraordinary people. Most of the time, people have different points of view regarding disabled persons, but now that I have the chance to truly know this people, I see that they are great persons no matter what they are going through. They struggle every day with problems, but regardless of this, they always have e smile to give. RETOS changed my mentality, since I had no experience or personal contact with people with disabilities. You have to be patient and try to understand their situation because all they want is to learn and improve. I admire the teachers and all those that work in RETOS, not everyone has the attitude and the spirit to be here, and I have learned a lot from them to improve and help. RETOS helped me have a better attitude towards myself, to jump in the way and don´t think twice when I have the opportunity to help someone in need.
Carlos Javier Hasbun
Tecnológico de Monterrey