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Occupational Therapy
Through a workshop and a variety of activities, we offer the beneficiary the opportunity to develop or improve skills related to activities of human life,( basic and instrumental activities of daily living), textures, scope, visual-motor coordination, thread and accuracy. All this in order to improve fine and gross motricity, precision capabilities, and understanding performance in activities of daily living.

Human Development
Achieve balance between acceptance of reality and self-esteem recovery therapies for individual and group support.

Integral Family Program
This program develops therapies for the families of our Beneficiaries in order to achieve efficient communication with the recipient and the institution.

Multi-sensory therapy works stimulating different senses favoring integration thereof eradicating violent or negative behavior.

With healthy menus, seek nutrition adequate to age, weight, height and disabilities of our beneficiaries.

Social Inclusion
We foster social inclusion of our beneficiaries visiting different cultural and recreational places.

This daily service is door to door (House-Institution-House) when our beneficiaries use wheelchairs, crutches, walker or braces.

A very important service was added to our program, Podiatry, due to the necessities that exist in our Beneficiaries that presented problems in lower extremities and the conditions of coexisting in common areas.

Based on an agreement with the Government Health Department we have a social service nurse for a complete year, helping monitor the overall health of our beneficiaries.

Through an agreement with the Social Centre No. 1 IMSS, some of our young people attend once a week to receive swimming lessons and physical activity in order to give them a better muscle tone and coordination skills, all this having fun.

Painting Class
The development of visual skills such as painting, gives our beneficiaries the opportunity to exercise the right lobe of their brain, which is the creative side.

Physical Therapy
We work to develop and improve motor coordination by using parallel bars and stairs, cycling cardio work, focus infrared therapy, electrotherapy and massage.

Thanks to an agreement with the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of the State of Nuevo León, we are able to provide our beneficiaries and their family dental service at low cost.

A very important part for developing skills in our beneficiaries they have the pleasure to participate in artistic activities such as theater, music and dancing.

Through sports, we encourage our beneficiaries to explore their physical abilities when performing a sport, this is accomplished through a weekly visit to CEPAR (High Performance Paralympic Centre DIF Nuevo León).

Continuous Education
Through an agreement with the INEA we offer to our beneficiaries whose intellectual capacity permits them, achieve their elementary and middle education certificate and we extend this opportunity also to their families.